Sans Velo. Other than merci and bonjour, pretty much the only two French words I know are sans and velo. After having now been in France for 36 hours without my bike, it's quite fitting. Camp kicks off tomorrow -- 3k swim, 160km bike (with climb to Mont Ventoux), 10km run -- so I'm hoping my bike is here to greet me in the AM.

With no bike, I did a relaxed jog around the area. (Strava) We're currently about 8 miles west of Aix-en-Provence. View from the local run path below.

I finally took some time to review the bike courses for the camp. Holy shit. I'm official terrified. 865km of riding with 20150m of climbing. (That's 537 miles and 66,100 feet of elevation.) And that's just the biking! My Christ.